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Your place isn’t out
on the court …

When you don’t have a team you can trust, it’s impossible to step away from the business for any length of time — you’re constantly being pulled back in, you can never fully unplug, and things can’t move forward without you…

It keeps you out on the court, when you should be up in the skybox, setting the vision and direction for your team.

But you can’t do it alone, either — it’s not as though you can play every position by yourself!

Finding your dream team is essential to the business no longer being dependent on YOU, but if you’ve struggled to find the right team members in the past (or haven’t hired for your business yet) it can be hard to know where to even start to find those A-players who will help your business grow.

Make your hiring process a slam dunk.

It’s been hard to find good employees

There’s been a lot of talk lately about how hard it is to find good people, and a lot of fear that the “great resignation” means solid team members might walk away — but you can still build a dream team that will want to stick with your business for the long term.

We know because we’ve done it, and our clients have, too! Over the past few years, we have been able to attract, hire, and retain incredible talent, because we have a winning game plan for hiring — and keeping — a dream team that will go all the way with your business.

You should only be interviewing the very best

We had one client share that within 21 hours of posting a job — using our job template — they had more than 480 applicants! Now they can use our filter system to go through the applications quickly, but still be sure they are only interviewing the very best — this is huge when so many are worried that “no one wants to work.”

You can get results like this, too and we want to share our methods with you.

Hire your dream team and also keep them happy

Whether you’ve already got some star players or you’re on the rebound from a hiring foul, this workshop will help you get the fundamentals in place that you need to not only attract and hire
your dream team, but also keep them happy and effective as they help your business grow.

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Michael freed up 15 hours a week of his own time…

“We just hired a copy chief for our team […] It’s early days, but I’ve already noticed a difference, a MAJOR one, compared to past hiring, past onboarding, etc. I just got 12-15 hours a week back (and) we have someone better than me overseeing copy and conversions for better results across the board.”

— Michael B. Shreeve Jr.

We’re dedicated to getting you and your team ready for the big leagues.

We’ve seen it too many times: business owners hire their first team members and don’t get what they wanted or expected — because they haven’t put in the prep work to understand what it really means to build a team.

Suddenly, instead of having less work to do because they hired help, the business owner finds themselves spending all their time answering questions, giving approvals, or solving problems.

In fact, too often new team members can actually mean more work for the business owner when they’re not fully prepared.

And so they either go back to doing everything themselves {definitely not the way to grow your business} or they keep hiring and firing, hoping someday they’ll get it right — a huge waste of time, money, and energy!

Stop running in circles and learn how to build a team that will last and support your business exactly the way you want.

After watching these recordings, you will know:

  • How to find your A-Players in a competitive
    job market — including how to write killer job descriptions and employ equitable hiring practices
  • Who to hire next — and how to know exactly when to hire them
  • How to get your team to care about the business as much as you do
  • How to make sure you’re not spending too much on your next hire or hiring for the wrong role
  • How to get more quality applicants for your next role than you know what to do with — so that you’re not just hiring anyone with a heartbeat
  • How to ensure you have the money to hire before bringing someone onboard
  • How to easily weed out people who aren’t a good fit for the role you’re hiring (without spending hours looking through resumes)

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If you decide to Build Your Dream Team, you will:

  • Know exactly who your next 3 hires should be — eliminating any confusion around who you should hire first.
  • Craft expert job postings using our take ‘n’ tweak job description templates.
  • Learn the basics of building a fantastic team culture — and why it’s so important to keeping your dream team happy.
  • Learn to position your job to attract the best talent, and have them clamoring to take the job, no matter the compensation.
  • Understand how to implement truly equitable hiring practices.
  • Get some communications drills you can run in your business to keep everyone clear on the game plan.

We’ve Coached These
Teams to Greatness:

Eric Paskia

Iam so happy with the interview (if you can call it that) that we just held for one of our shortlisted candidates for our dog training position. We're not looking for pre-existing skills, but the right attitude, and the candidate way checks all the boxes! Only 2 have followed the 'how to apply' instructions, but this person is who we're looking for in so many ways! I found myself thinking "isn't this supposed to be more difficult? but then thought:
1) Shut up, no there's no requirement for this to be hard won
And 2) This is hard, but by following the processes in RLC it
makes it easy.

Michael B. Shreeve Jr.

We just hired a copy chief for our team of copy writers.
2 things are coming out of this new hire:
1. l just got 12-15 hours a week back
2. We have someone better than me overseeing copy and conversions (aka: better results across the board)

Maleeka Hollaway

I'm glad you asked! The new hires are doing well and catching on rather quickly! (One just so happens to be my mommy - we hired her full time into my core team - Correnda Hollaway) Today I'll be catching up on the Procedures lesson and the Rebalancing lesson over the next few days. It's amazing to me how much progress has happened since I joined. Focused and intentional action works every time!

Leslie Liondas

Yesterday one of my team members did a profit first advisory meeting all by herself. She not only held the profit first meeting but did a marketing interview with him for profit first. All while my business partner and myself were not there. That is an amazing feeling when you invest in your team and it pays off not only for you but the clients you serve! I can’t thank this program enough for working not only with me but teaching my team how to clockwork!

Katadyn Connerley

This is actually Katadyn's assistant, Stephanie! Clockworking isn't just for vacation! Katadyn is pretty sick today so we are clockworking the business until she feels better. Hope you all are having a wonderful day! …

Avram Gonzales

Now I work 15-20 hours a week, have a small lean team of 5 and we’ll double revenue this year over last.

Clotilde Dusoulier

My team had handled everything PERFECTLY and smoothly in my absence. New ideas had emerged, new initiatives had been taken, solutions had been found to existing and new problems, IT'S LIKE ALL OF MY DREAMS CAME TRUE

Have you got what it takes to build a Dream Team?

We want to pick you for our team if you:

  • Have hired in the past and it wasn’t a great experience — or you feel like you just “got lucky” and couldn’t repeat that trick shot if you wanted to.
  • Have difficulty keeping great team members long term.
  • Want to know how to build + lead a team that wants to stick around long term.
  • Are interested in building a thriving team culture + becoming a better leader.
  • Or even if you’ve never hired someone for your business before.

But this isn’t the game for you if:

  • You’re convinced “no one wants to work” or that nobody has a good work ethic any more, and are unwilling to shift that belief.
  • You feel like it’s more efficient if you just do everything in your business yourself.
  • You’re pretty sure “leadership” has something to do with the volume at which you yell at your team.

Don’t throw away your shot — sign up for the Build Your Dream Team Workshop.

And learn the fundamentals of hiring an incredible team that you can use over and over again for the life of your business.

The tools, tips, tricks, and techniques you’ll learn in this workshop are the kinds of skills you’ll use now and well into the future.

Whether you’re making your first hire or you’ve been through the hiring process before, we guarantee you’ll learn some new moves that will help you attract and retain the best talent your business needs to grow and succeed.

Learn from the pros and ensure that your next hire is a number one draft pick that can go the distance!

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